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Deactivation of the rocket system by water

  1. Before any manipulation with the system - put in the safety needle “A” (see the manual)
  2. Dismount the complete unit from the aircraft (including bowden)
  3. In case that you do not see the jet - remove the cover of the rocket
  4. Make a hole into the 0.2 mm thin membrane located inside the jet (for example by screwdriver- the highest possible)
  5. Pour water inside in a vertical position(rocket facing down), or plunge it in water
  6. After 30 minutes get out water
  7. Disconnect the bowden
  8. Drill out 3 rivets by drilling machine on the nose rockets
  9. It is safe to be dismembered. If you do not intend to dismember it, leave it in water

------------------------- after dismembering-----------------------

  1. Light a fire on a safe place and burn the solid fuel TPH, it is not explosive
  2. Dissolved powder by water in a pouch throw away
  3. 2 launching cartridges from upper lid ignite by the launching peg tighten in a vice away from your body
  4. Dry and protect the rest of rocket with a silicone

Then you can put the rest in a box and send it to us by mail !

The system is fitted as standard in a three-layer cardboard box, filled with polystyrene boards padding. The system is secured with a steel transport basket with two transport safeties (see the manual “A and B”) on the system body designated by stickers and 2 warning red flags - all information our : www.galaxysky.cz

Deactivation of the rocket by firing

Warning : Never aim a rocket at yourself or anyone nearby !

  1. Before any manipulation with the system - put in the safety needle “A” (see the manual)
  2. Dismount the complete unit from the aircraft (including bowden)
  3. Dig a hole at least half a height of the system on a place where you would not disturb with any noise. It is a big blow.
  4. Put the system inside and fill up with earth. Before take out safety “A”. Rocket facing down.
  5. Drive a rod into the ground to which you fasten the activation handle
  6. Take a rope (6mm diameter, not too flexible, 10m long)
  7. Tie the rope to the handle, do not forget to pull out the operational pin with the flag on the handle.
  8. Hide yourself behind a car or a building 10m away
  9. Check that no one is around
  10. Activate the rocket sharp pulling by hand (force aprox.12-15 kg)
  11. You should see a flame 3m high and a thunder.
  12. After it is cold again, put it into a box and send it simply by mail


The safetieis on the GRS system:

  1. Handling and transport safety „ A" –wire in the peg –the most important for all manipulation !
  2. Transport safety „B" - the bolt in the back part of the rocket tube.Without loosing this bolt, the rocket can´t go out.It will not leave the rocket tube ! This is transport safety!
  3. Transport safety „ B" take out before installation and „A" are removed and the systém is already installed !!

  4. Transport steel basket for transport-in the back side is the deflector,turns the pull of rocket in case of firing
  5. The automatic inner safety pin, endurance 35 G aginst impact and fire. This is efefctive whole the time, unless the systém is activated by pulling the activation handle.
  6. Safety peg with little flag in handle. The pin to handle with the warning flag, remove before flight!

This all perfectly working already 25 years,but people must not forget to remove all safeties before flight A , B ,3, 5 !!

Example of rocket deactivation by firing

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